Lightweight LM8UU holder (SK8UU)

This is a lightweight LM8UU bearing holder I designed in blender.
It was inspired my another similar design, but it’s lighter – just 4-5 grams, depending on your settings.
I printed it on 0.3mm layer resolution, 3 walls, 20% infill.
It will save you a lot of moving mass on your X/Y axes, and allow you to print much faster.
You can use two zip ties to secure the LM8UU bearing in place, and use just two M5 nuts / bolts to mount the holder. There is no need to use 4 bolts – two work just fine.
I have tested and confirmed that the design works with IGUS bearings too (not printed imitations!). Suitable for any printer, using SK8UU holders e.g. Anet A8 etc.

Download the files from thingiverse.

Licensed under the Creative Commons – Attribution – Non-Commercial license.

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